Olympic Drug Scandal 2022 Kamila Valieva Doping Controversy Explained!

Olympic Drug Scandal 2022 Kamila Valieva Doping Controversy Explained! Every sports event has to experience a mixed sense of feeling with the elements of jay, happiness, startle. Apart from all the positive sides of these events, some players have to face doping charges on the account of availing themselves of drugs. The drugs carrying some chemicals to enhance the natural strength of the athletes is not allowed in mega sports events like the Olympics. There is a piece of news coming from the Winter Olympics in Beijing, China in the context of doping charges.

Olympic Drug Scandal 2022

Olympic Drug Scandal 2022

As per the latest news, a Russian skater has failed a drug test on Wednesday, 9th February 2022. As per the news, she has won a gold medal in her respective sport for the Russian team in the ongoing Winter Olympics. This allegation is hiking on the internet and decaying the image of the Russian athlete. Although the player has been charged with a conviction of taking illegal drugs yet the incident is also affecting the position of Russia in the ongoing competition as well as the international sports community.

However; the most interesting phenomenon related to this incident is that the accused skater has created the history skating competition on an international platform by making a quadruple jump. She has become the first woman to make a quadruple jump in a skating event in the history of the Olympics.

The Russian athlete, Kamila Valieva, has become a topic of controversy in the Olympics. She has been sacked from the international event due to her failure in the drugs test. She has failed a drug test on Wednesday, February 9, 2022. The test was organized after a staking competition therein she had won the gold medal. Earlier in the present week, she won a gold medal. She is facing such an allegation at the age of 15 years.

No sooner did the news of the doping charges come out to the public than a number of people from all across the world started generating interest in her professional and personal lives. As a result, people initiated searching her name on the internet so that they may get more information about her.

Who is Kamila Valieva?

She is an international figure skater. She has been representing Russia in several sports events all across the world. She is 15-year-old. She was born in Kazan, Russia on 26th April 2006. Her full name is Kamila Valeryevna Valieva. She has a Pomeranian dog named Leva. Apart from figure skating, she is also an expert in gymnastics and ballet.

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