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PancakeSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) or in simple terms, it is a decentralized exchange (Defi) application that lets its user’s exchange tokens on a blockchain network named Binance Smart Chain (BSC). While providing liquidity, the users can earn $CAKE tokens on the platform. PancakeSwap was launched last year in September 2020 and soon it turns into the first billion-dollar project ever that happened on the Binance Smart Chain on 17th February 2021. Here we have collected some data and predictions from well-known algorithm-based sites to forecast the PancakeSwap (Cake) Future Prices.  


PancakeSwap (Cake) Price Today (May 17, 2021)

The PancakeSwap (Cake) Price on today’s date has gone down at 27.778 US Dollar (+0.232 Percent). In the last 24 hours, the price of PancakeSwap has gone down by -11.94 percent and has been dropping hourly by -0.14 percent. Currently, it has been holding up for a market cap being ranked at 41. Last day on May 16, the PancakeSwap (Cake) opening price was at $28.6141 while it moved up at the closing price at $29.1541. Earlier also on May 15, we saw a downfall in PancakeSwap price when it started with the opening price at 31.7275 USD but dropped down at 28.6569 USD closing price.

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PancakeSwap (Cake) Price Live Market Chart

Currently, the PancakeSwap Price is showing a downfall by -27.91 percent in the weekly values. The market cap of PancakeSwap is sitting at $4,616,200,000.00 US Dollar at present with a trading volume (24-hour) of $496,072,000. PancakeSwap (Cake) today’s price is $27.778 which is a downfall from its yesterday’s closing price at $29.1541. Here is the PancakeSwap (Cake) price market live chart, at the time of writing.

PancakeSwap (Cake) Price (USD): $27.778

24 Hours Price Change (percent): $-3.77 (-11.94%)

Low Price (24 hours): $27.12

High Price (24 hours): $32.47

Market Cap: -13.61 Percent

24-Hours Trading Volume: +44.07%

PancakeSwap (Cake) Future Price Prediction

At the beginning of the month on May 3, 2021, the price value of PancakeSwap was at an opening price of $40.9183 and it concluded in the closing price at $40.9063. This price value has been gone down since then as PancakeSwap today’s price is $27.778. The PancakeSwap price prediction for May 17 is also not that high as it might be at 28.872 USD with a minimum price of $21.976 and the maximum price at 35.338 US dollars.

The prices of PancakeSwap are likely to be fluctuating mainly facing a downfall in the upcoming days but it will start to pace up at the end of the month where PancakeSwap price may possibly hit at 31.573 USD with a minimum price of $24.357 and a maximum price of $38.027. According to some forecasts, the PancakeSwap price will increase in the upcoming years and after one year it may reach 93.790 United States Dollar. However, the price prediction of PancakeSwap after five years seems to be quite profitable and optimistic as it is likely to climb at 311.212 United States Dollar. In addition to that, the earning potential of PancakeSwap in the long-term has been anticipated to be +234.05 percent in one year.

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