Paper Lovee Atlanta Rapper Arrested After Police Chase Accused In Shooting

On 20th August 2021, Friday, the 25-year rapper of Atlanta named, “Paper Lovee” was arrested by the police in context to the shooting incident that took place at a southeast Atlanta convenience store in May 2021. A video of the rapper being chased by the Atlanta police is also surfacing on social media, earning several reactions from the netizens. However, not many social media users are aware of the man appearing in the “Grand Theft Auto” like crash and chase accident that happened on the GA 400 South at Interstate 25.

Paper Lovee Atlanta Rapper Arrested After Chase Accussed In Shooting Crash on Ga. 400

Ibnisa Durr aka Paper Lovee is reported to be a hip-hop music artist based in Atlanta City in Georgia. As per the initial reports at hand, the 25-year old rapper was arrested by the police department of Atlanta after a noticeable hunt in the city that concluded with a crash. The clip of the chase and crash between the rapper and the police is also going viral on social media, receiving tons of responses from the users. In the video, the rapper could be seen speeding away in an extravagant BMW on Georgia state route 400 south near Hammond Drive.

The rapper was arrested in a residence in the city of Sandy Spring. The rapper named, “Paper Lovee” is reported to be in his 20s, 25 years old to be precise and has a good amount of followers over his Instagram account. Lovee often posts videos of himself over his IG in which he would usually rap. In the recent post uploaded by the rapper over his social media, he was seen rapping, while seating in his car. It has been said that he was wearing the same clothes he had on in the viral chase video which surfaced later.

Currently, he has more than 200K followers over his insta. Moreover, prior to his arrest, he has just now released his first album named, Ratchet which also consists of songs like Top N Bottom and No Socks featuring Lil Baby. As per an official press statement released by Atlanta police, the rapper was accused of a shooting incident that took place on 30th May 2021 at around 7:00 PM local time in the Alison Court near 2000 block.

In that incident, a 25-year old man was discovered with multiple gunshot injuries. On further investigation, the Atlanta rapper, Lovee was found as the main suspect and thus, from thereon the chase to arrest the rapper began. Finally, after a high-speed chase, the rapper got arrested. In the chase video, the rapper was seen smashing into two police vehicles one of which had a K-9 inside it. In the accident, K-9 was not wounded, but another policeman was reported to have suffered a head injury, meanwhile, the rapper is under the custody of Atlanta police.

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