Passengers Of Air India Flight Takes 24 Hours To Reach Delhi From Pune

What if your journey of around two or three hours takes about twenty fours to reach your destination? It might be appearing a strange question to our viewers but anything can happen so that’s why before presenting you the recent piece of news, we are asking our viewers to think about it. If we are stuck in this type of situation then how it feels? So today we are sharing with you the experience of the travellers of Air India Flight that were on the evening flight from Pune to Delhi on Thursday. Yes, you might be processing right. The travellers of Air India flight reached their destination after 24 hours. The flight was of merely two and a half hours. Then what happened that caused so much delay? Our viewers must be curious to know about the matter. We are providing you with the recent information about the domestic Air India flight. Be with us.

Air India's Pune flight

It has been reported that The Air India Flight was expected to arrive in Delhi by 9.05 pm on Thursday. It was supposed to take off from Pune at 6.50 pm. But the passengers reached Delhi around 6 pm on Friday. The flight also took on time. All the passengers were boarded well. Then what happened was that they reached Delhi in about 24 hours. Why the smooth journey of the passengers boarded on Thursday evening become so hectic? What happened to the flight that it reached so late? The questions must be storming in our viewers’ minds. So we are sharing with you the reason for the delayed arrival of the passengers. Scroll down.

Air India Flight Takes 24 Hours To Reach Delhi

A traveller Muqaddas Ansari has shared to the media about the whole story. He told that the flight was at its right time when it departed from Pune and was about to reach Delhi on time. But the situation became erratic when the captain of the flight announced that the flight would be unable to land because of the weather condition. The flight was diverted to Jaipur but there also weather conditions did not allow the flight to land.

The flight was just hovering in the sky. It finally landed at the Gwalior airport around 12.30 am. After that Air India announced that either the passengers can stay in the hotels or travel to Delhi by Road. The passengers spent at least three hours in the aircraft and they were able to manage to reach Delhi by road and reached around after twenty hours. Air India’s Spokesperson has not given any statement about the issue. Further information is awaited. Stay tuned.

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