Photos: Massive Fire Broke Out in Mumbai’s Mankhurd Garbage Godown CCTV Footage

In a recent update, a massive fire broke up in a junk godown in the early morning today. Many people posted videos of the gigantic fire that erupted in a scrapyard in the suburban Mankhurd area of ​​Mumbai. As soon as the police received the information several fire brigade vehicles were rushed to the site to control the fire. The area filled with smoke in no time and a panic wave spread in the nearby residential places. Scroll down to the next page to know more details about the information.

Massive Fire Broke Out in Mumbai's Mankhurd

It is reported that the fire broke up in the wee hours and fire officials and the police rushed to the spot at once. The garbage godown is located in the Mandla area of Mankhurd. As the area is occupied by mostly slum Mumbaikars, the people were frightened by the major fire. Although the fire tenders are putting in their best efforts but are trying to extinguish the fire till now. The fire broke up at around 3 am at Kurla Scrap Corporation. This place is located near Mayakkam Temple.

Massive Fire Broke Out in Mumbai’s

The reports tell us that the scrapping compound is spread over a large area and the nearby slum residents work in it. As per the reports, no causality has been reported so far till now. The fire was so huge that people were posting its visuals for many hours. There is no report of any causality till now, which is a big relief for the people. The owner of the property has not been in news yet. The police have registered a case and are investigating further that there may be an evil hand behind it.

The Mandala area is very congested and a place with too many garbage yards. Various fire incidents have been in news from here. The local corporation and garbage yard owners have been directed many times as per the officials. In the month of February also a major fire was reported which was tagged as a level-3 fire. At that time also no causality was reported but a fire brigade official was injured. Around 15 fire tenders reached the spot to control the fire.

The fire blaze incidents are not new in the country but the situation becomes worse when these incidents are reported from metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai. As the metro cities are overpopulated, people are always in fear of listening to these kinds of incidents. We share the news with our viewers to be alert and always have safety measures with us. Stay updated……..

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