Plan to build series of powerful nuclear plants modi at kudankulam event

Kudankulam: On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa jointly dedicated the 1,000 MW Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant-I(KNPP) to the nation. They assure that this nuclear plant was one of the safest nuclear plants in the world.


Speaking on the occasion through video conferencing from New Delhi, PM Modi said that KNPP 1 is an Indo-Russian project. It was an important addition to the continuing efforts to scale up production of clean energy in India.

He said that I have always deeply valued our friendship with Russia and it is fitting that we jointly dedicate Kudankulam nuclear plant Unit 1. This also signals our joint commitment to build pathways of partnership for green growth. We also plan to build series of powerful nuclear plants.

Speaking from Moscow, Russian President Putin said that it was a big event for both countries. The power plant is updated with most modern Russian technologies. It is not just commissioning and construction of the power plant but it is well known that Russia is one of the world leaders in nuclear technology and we are happy to share our technology with our colleague India.

On live video-conferencing from Chennai, Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha said that KNPP was a monument commemorating the long standing, abiding and deep friendship between Russia and India. She also said that she had supported construction of this nuclear project, at Kudankulam in Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu.

Site Director Sundar, Russian Company Atomstroy Export President Limareenko and chairman S K Sharma were also present. in the function held at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Corporation.

The first unit of Kudankulam nuclear power plant started in July 2013. Till now, more than 10,800 million units of power has been generated from the first unit of KNPP.

The 1,000 mw KNPP was built with Russian technology following a treaty between the Soviet leader Mikahil Gorbachev and then Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi in November 1988.

The first unit of KNPP was synchronised with southern power grid on 22nd October, 2013. The commercial power generation started by the end of December 2014.