PM Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi At Two Rallies in UP

PM Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi At Two Rallies in UP :- On Monday, PM Modi will address a public rally in Kanpur. Around the same time, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi will also address a rally about 300 km away in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh and it is expected that Rahul Gandhi will attack on PM Modi over the demonetisation of higher value notes.
Here are the some updates:
Rahul Gandhi will address two rallies this week. He led a united opposition in a focused attack on the government all through the winter session of parliament over the notes ban. Now He has vowed to make it a key election issue in UP.
The winter session was totally washed out as the government and opposition failed to agree on how to debate on the ban on 500 and 1,000-rupee notes and its impact on people.
Bharatiya Janta Party has said that the notes ban aimed at eliminating corruption and black money.  The demonetisation has the support of the people despite the inconvenience caused to them. The demonetisation is described by PM Modi as short term pain to be followed by long-term gain.
Some BJP lawmakers from Uttar Pradesh have reportedly told leader of the party that if the cash situation is not eased soon, it could impact on the fortune of the BJP in the state elections.
As per the IANS reports that On Saturday, RBI flew in Rs. 5,000 crore in a heavily guarded cargo plane to Uttar Pradesh.
This move was seen as an attempt to ensure that banks had enough money to distribute to people in the state ahead the rally of PM.
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has alleged that the decision of note ban by the central government has punished only the poor and not the corrupt. He also alleged that the demonetisation has blocked the money of poor.
PM Modi accused Congress leaders of always putting the party before the nation on the last day of the winter session. PM Modi also told BJP lawmakers that his predecessor Dr Manmohan Singh and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, had ignored basic steps to fight corruption, including recommendations for demonetisation.
Samajwadi Party has said a partnership with Congress in the election to winning over the 300 seats out of 403 seats in the UP Assembly.