Premier Futsal league Final Match Live Score Mumbai 5s vs Kochi 5s Youtube Result Highlight

Premier Futsal league Final Match Live Score Mumbai 5s vs Kochi 5s Youtube Result Highlight :- The Futsal Premiere India 2016 has reached the final stage and Mumbai 5s will take on the Kochi 5s for the final match on July 24 at the Goa.



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 Mumbai 5s Preview

The Mumbai 5s in a thrilling and action pack match against the Kolkatta 5s won to claim the place in the Final of the Futsal Premier 2016.

Mumbai defeated the Kolkata by 5s 4-2 in the first semi-final. The key player for this team is Colombian Angello and a lot depend on him.

Also,  Charanpreet and Fogila are the others names which could prove to be the game-changer in the final on Sunday.

All these three guys have  contributed in the first semifinal and assured the place of their team in the final.

The Mumbai keeper Luis Amado is the other guy, who has the skills to win the match for their team. In the last match, he showed his skills with a couple of shots.

Meanwhile, the strong aspect of Mumbai team is their defence. We all have witnessed in the last match that how Mumbai 5s had contained the opposition strikers and they had not allowed them to even touch their defence.

KOCHI 5s Preview

The Kochi team has edged Goa in the second semifinal to claim the spot in the final of the  Futsal Premiere League.

Kochi defeated the Goa in their last match by 2-1. That match shows the real character of the Kochi side.

The not only beaten the Goa team but they have beaten the Goa at their home ground with the stadium was fully loaded with thousands of people.

The key players for this team are Salgado, Emil and Anupam. All these players need to fire if they want


Ryan Giggs Marquee Player
Luis Amado (GK) Futsal Player
Foglia Futsal Player
Angellot Futsal Player
Ramirez Futsal Player
Federico Perez Futsal Player
Pablo Freestyler
Emmanuel Indian Player
Jo Paul Bence (GK) Indian Player
Akshay Nair Indian Player
Shubham Mane Indian Player
Chanpreet In



Salgado Marquee Player
Casalone (GK) Futsal Player
Gekabert Futsal Player
Chaguinha Futsal Player
Deives Moraes Futsal Player
Emil Freestyler
Anupam Indian Player
Muhammed Ameer Indian Player
Basil Indian Player
Yashwant Kumar (GK) Indian Player
Ansh Indian Player
Stalin Daniel Indian Player


Mumbai 5s is favourite to win this match.