PUBG Game Makes Debut In IIT Roorkee Annual Sports Fest 2019

PUBG Game Makes Debut In IIT Roorkee Annual Sports Fest 2019 :- Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee has introduced popular online game PUBG for the first time in its annual sports festival itinerary this year. According to reports, the students were very excited about participating in the game and especially girls as they said they are ready to break the myth of PUBG being a male-dominated game.

PUBG Game Makes Debut In IIT Roorkee

Radhika, a first-year MBA student and a participant of PUBG said, “My brother introduced me to the game of PUBG. Now, I am myself a PUBG enthusiast. I was so thrilled when I got to know that this game is a part of the sports fest. Based on the usual notion it is thought that PUBG is dominated by male players only. I wish to change this belief by giving a tough competition to other players. I am excited and I am going to play to the best of my abilities.”

Also, other indoor games like chess, and carom while outdoor games like basketball, football, and badminton have also been included in the itinerary of the IIT Roorkee annual sports festival this year drawing students’ attention during Exuberance. Reportedly, teachers in IIT believe the inclusion of PUBG can help cultivate skills of multitasking and teamwork.

Pubg Annual Sports Fest 2019 In Roorke

IIT Roorkee conducts the annual sports fest every year before the commencement of the new session. According to DoMS head M K Baruah, the event acts as an excellent ice-breaker for juniors and seniors in MBA.

He further added, “The plethora of events ensures that no student is devoid of the opportunity to display his sports skills. Hence, the aim of inculcating the competitive spirit in each and every student is successfully achieved.”

PUBG is known to have become one of the most popular online games worldwide and recently, a new lighter version of the game was launched by the company for android mobile users. The latest version is known as PUBG Mobile Lite and is now available for download in the Google Play Store.