Pune: Police Arrested 5 Rights Activists, See the reaction other public figures

Pune: Police Arrested 5 Rights Activists, See the reaction other public figures: Today one of the biggest steps was taken by the Pune police when they launched raids on the homes of several people from different cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ranchi, Goa and Hyderabad and arrested activists, priests, writers and lawyers. Reports are coming that Human rights advocate Sudha Bharadwaj’s home was raided and she was taken into custody this morning along with few other people in different cities were arrested.

Also, the reports are coming that the police and five policemen from Pune were part of the team that went to her house and arrested her. The police were at her home from 5:30 am today and all electronic devices were seized. Also, the police took away Bharadwaj’s laptops, mobiles, and a pen drive, as well as a diary and took all the Social Networking site Passwords and emails.

Vernon Gonsalves also got the same treatment from the police and his wife is still fighting but nothing happened. Varavara Rao was arrested from his home in Hyderabad this afternoon and taken to Nampally court. His family has alleged that their house was ransacked by a team from the Pune police. Gautam Navlakha was arrested from his home in Delhi at around 2 pm today. The police wanted to transfer him to Pune, but a habeas corpus petition was filed in the Delhi high court.

You all should know that writer & Activists Arundhati Roy said, “The simultaneous state-wide arrests are a dangerous sign of a government that fears it is losing its mandate and is falling into the panic.” Also, she did share her anger and frustration in this whole case and she didn’t like the way it is going.

Also, “This is absolutely chilling. This is being done not only to intimidate and silence those detained but also those who could potentially come to their legal rescue. The courts must intervene to stop this persecution and harassment of independent voices” Said, Ramchandra Guha, writer, and historian. As you can see that things are going little serious here. Even the court took the inactive and tomorrow they will look over this case.