Rahul Gandhi Supports Net Neutrality In India

Hello friends!!! Today here in this awesome article we and our team provides you complete details about Rahul Gandhi Supports Net Neutrality. Recently i.e on Wednesday Rahul Gandhi Supports Net Neutrality, Demands Lok Sabha Discuss Issue. After a long period of time now Rahul Gandhi had started taking part in politics and giving his suggestions too. Few days before he had also conducted a rally again Land Bill of BJP in delhi. And yesterday Rahul Gandhi discuss issue about Net Neutrality in Lok Sabha. Now below get complete details of Rahul Gandhi Supports Net Neutrality.


Rahul Gandhi Supports Net Neutrality

Rahul Gandhi says “The government wants to carve out the Internet and give it away to the corporates,” Gandhi said to parliament Wednesday. “Over one million people are fighting for net neutrality,”.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi attacked Shri Modi’s government for selling the internet to Corporates. He said the government first snatched the land from farmers and now they are taking away the internet too, which will affect millions of youth.

Making an intervention during the Zero Hour on Wednesday Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi raised the issue of Net Neutrality. He said: “Every citizen should have the right to internet. Government wants to sell even the internet to big Corporates.”
He further said, “One million people have registered to fight for net neutrality. Youth have voted, they are asking on Twitter, Facebook and all other platforms. They are fighting for Net Neutrality and this government wants to carve out the net and hand it over to some Corporates.”
“I would request the government to please stop the TRAI consultation and to look into changing the law or writing a law for Net Neutrality.”
Congress Vice President stressed, is that of Net Neutrality. “BJP’s Corporate-Sarkar is snatching the land of farmers, labourers & tribals. I am fighting for that, the Congress party is fighting for that. I had thought the interests of internet users, and the youth, who had supported Modi ji (during elections), would be protected. But what is happening? Like they snatched land, they are now taking away the internet too.”
“Net Neutrality means every single youth, every single person, should have unrestricted access to internet. But the BJP government wants to hand over the internet to Corporates. This will affect the youth of our country.”

Rahul Gandhi Net Neutrality Debate Video In Lok Sabha

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