Rajasthan Businessman Rapes 24-year-Old On Pretext of Marriage Check Name Images & Details

The Juhu police of Mumbai on Sunday morning arrested a Rajasthan based businessman near a 5-star hotel in Mumbai. The person is accused of raping a lady on the pretext of marriage. It has been reported that a couple of days ago, he started ignoring the victims call and therefore, left with no other choice, the lady decided to file a complaint against him in the Juhu police station. As per the reports, the victim and the accused met through social media platform and later, started making conservation in the year 2019. It has been reported, the two dated each other for a couple of months and later the accused lured her with marriage.

Rajasthan Businessman Rapes 24-year-old on pretext of marriage

It has been stated that the accused is a dealer in mobile spare parts and also a modest businessman, while the victim works in a small private firm. The two started meeting each other more frequently and soon, the accused started visiting the lady at her residence. Later, the accused person forced her to build a physical relationship with her. At first, the woman protested his advancements, however, later she gave in to his demand as the latter one has promised her to marry her in the future.

However, the businessman started coming to her residence at Lallubbai Park more often and raped her frequently without her consent. Moreover, he borrowed a sum of Rs. 35 lakhs from her saying that he needs them for some business purpose and also promised to return the same. The woman gave the said amount to him, however, on 29th May 2021, the accused started ignoring her calls and therefore, left with no other choice, she filed a complaint in Juhu Police Station.

As per the statement given by one of the officers of Juhu Police Station, they have been looking for the accused for quite a while. They noticed each and every move of the accused and when they found out that he is returning from his hometown in Rajasthan to Mumbai for a business deal, the police started to make a plan. They waited for the right time and when the accused entered his five-star hotel room near the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, the police handcuffed and arrested him.

The Juhu Police also stated that the accused was aware of the fact that the Mumbai police are looking for him and therefore, he was planning to leave his hotel soon. However, the police were aware of this fact and therefore, they did not give time to the accused to run away. The accused is now under the custody of Juhu Police and a case has been registered on him under the various sections of IPC including section 420, 376, 376 (J) and 376 (N). The accused will be presented before the court for a hearing on Sunday.

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