Rajasthan Hit and Run Accident: Speeding Car Hits Children While On Bicycle, Injures Them Seriously In Hanumangarh

Rajasthan Hit and Run Accident: Speeding Car Hits Children While On Bicycle, Injures Them Seriously In Hanumangarh:- A shocking incident happened with the two young children as they were hit by a car this accident was caught on the CCTV cameras and now this video is getting viral on the internet and people are now getting shocked and also angry about the behavior of the driver of the car as he didn’t stop after this incident and managed to escape. People are searching for this news to know the story in detailed information and they also want to know the condition of these boys and many other things. So, let’s have a look in the next sections.

Rajasthan Hit and Run Accident Speeding Car Hits Children While On Bicycle, Injures Them Seriously In Hanumangarh Dead or Alive Hospital Admitted Video Viral

Speeding Car Hits Children While On Bicycle, Injures Them Seriously

This incident took place in Jaipur in the Hanumangarh district two children were riding their bicycles and suddenly a car driver who was driving a white Alto car hit them in such a way that both boys fled and were thrown to the distance area. the people who were presented there took them to the hospital and they were severely injured there is no case registered against them and they are now sent to the Bikaner Hospital and other is admitted to Hanumangarh hospital and they have got severe injuries on their bodies and it will take time.

The children who got affected by this incident are identified as Surendra who was 12 years old and Robin who was ten years old only they were on the cycle together and this car hit them and it is believed that these two are brothers but now they have fainted and their health conditions are not good as they also have some deep injuries on their head and body. The family of the children is called and they know about this incident further investigation is going on in this case as people want to find the culprit who hit these students.

As there is no complaint registered against the driver Police can’t do anything on this case until the families will register a complaint. People are angry and want to get justice for the children and now many are coming forward to fight against the driver they want to find the driver who did with the child as he ran away after hitting them. We will surely update you about this news after getting more updates. till then stay tuned with us for more latest updates & information on Business, Technology, and many more.

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