Ramya, 10 years old Girl was killed in the road accident in Hyderabad by a drunk driver

Ramya, 10 years old Girl was killed in the road accident in Hyderabad by a drunk driver:- Hyderabad: A 10 years old girl was hit by drunk driver in last week. The girl who was on ventilator over a week passed away in the morning.


The girl namely as Ramya who was the victim of the car accident was on ventilator in the ICU of Hyderabad’s Care Hospital. Ramya was suffering from internal bleeding in her head.

On the day of accident, it was the first day of Ramya at the new school. Her uncle and other family members had come to pick up her from the school. The accident was happened at near Banjara Hills area, when an i10 driven by 20 years old Shravil, came from the other side in the speed. The i10  car rammed in the car in which Ramya and her family were travelling to their home back.  The uncle of Ramya dead on the spot and Ramya got injuries in the head and other family also injured in the accident.

The mother of Ramaya, Radhika , grandfather and other uncle got multiple fractures in the accident. Ramya was rushed to the hospital in the critical conditions and other family members also got medical treatment.


The police arrested Shravil and a case of culpable homicide was filed against him.

Srinivas who is an investigator officer in this case said that Shravil who is an engineer student did not even a driving license. The car which was driven by Shravil belonged to the Father of one of his friends.

The father-in-law of Rajesh, Srinivas said that their parents ruined our family and they are responsible doing this to our family. He also appeals to the police and chief minister K Chandrashekhar to take stringent action in this accident case against the alleged driver and his family.