Reena Rai Accident: Actor Who Was in Car With Deep Sidhu Check CCTV Video Footage

The renowned singer from Punjab, Deep Sidhu, has reportedly died in a fatal car accident. This car accident has also resulted in giving his girlfriend experiencing such an injury that has caused her to be hospitalised. According to the media reports, the girlfriend of the singer is injured to such an extent that she is still unconscious on a hospital bed. The concerning car accident took place on Tuesday, 15th February 2022.

Reena Rai Accident

As far as the location of the accident is discussed, the car crashed near the border of the National Capital Territory. It was the border of Delhi where numerous farmers are protesting against the three controversial farm laws. Earlier, it was being said that the Punjabi singer was sitting in the car with one of his friends from the US. Later, the woman in the car was identified to be Reena Rai. She is nothing but the girlfriend of Deep Sidhu. The police reached the location and identified both victims to be Deep Sidhu and Reena Rai. As per the available sources, the police has announced Deep Sidhu to be dead.

Reena Rai Accident

On the other side, his girlfriend Reena Rai has survived this mishap. The airbag of the car saved the life of the partner of Deep Sidhu. May God give the soul of Deep Sindhu a place in Heaven to rest in peace and give his family the affirmative strength to overcome the pain of losing a prominent member from their life so that they may move forward to achieve success in their professional as well as personal life. On the other side, people are also playing for Reena Rai so that she may recover from her injuries and get well soon.

Who is Reena Rai?

She is the girlfriend of Late. Deep Saidhu. She has come up to be one of the searched personalities on the internet in the last tens of hours. People are looking forward to knowing more about her as a result they are taking to the internet to get some information about her. She has worked in the Pollywood industry. She had an interest in modelling from an early age. She has won the title of Miss South Asia in the year 2014. Rand Punjab is the debut film of Reena Rai therein she performed as the lead actress against Deep Sidhu. She is expected to be aged between 31 years and 34 years. She was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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