Big Announcement Today, Reliance Jio May Launch Public Wi-Fi and Broadband

Big Announcement Today, Reliance Jio May Launch Public Wi-Fi and Broadband :- It is good news for the users of Reliance that Reliance may launched the Wi Fi today because the Reliance Jio Welcome Offer comes to end on 3rd December 2016. There is no confirmation about the offer and usage to all the Jio users after the 3rd December 2016. It is expected that the company announce the launching for public Wi-Fi.  Reliance Jio Welcome offer ends


On Thursday, the Reliance Jio Infocomm announces the availability of public Wi-Fi at a few locations before its wider launch which is expected to be on 1st January, 2017. Reliance Jio plans to enter the market with the Smart Home services and others. As Reliance Jio is keen on the FTTH(Fiber To The Home) service.

Earlier, Reliance Jio announced the tariff plans in the month of September 2016. The Reliance company is already running tests for the Wi-Fi in some parts of the country. Jio will have to prepare the services to the fullest as starting on 1st January 2016, users would need to buy the postpaid plans.

There are 50 millions users of Jio, as per the sources. Now there is more possibility that after the launching public Wi-Fi, the number of subscribers may go up. Reliance Jio already famous for free offers.

It is expected that once again, Reliance shock the telecom market with the launching of public Wi-fi. Now the rosy picture is not exactly as such with the reliability and the quality of the Jio 4G connectivity still Jio was well received by consumers.