Does Renting Furniture And Appliances Make Financial Sense?

When we are deciding furniture for our home, what is the first question that comes to our mind? Well, it is the budget. Why? Because the budget needs to be suitable so that you can purchase the furniture that you want. But when you have a low budget then you will need to compromise on the quality of the furniture, whatever you are planning to buy like bed, sofa, wardrobe, drawer and storage furniture, etc. because you wouldn’t be able to afford good quality furniture at low prices. No matter how much bargaining you can do, but when you need to choose furniture for your entire house, the budget will certainly become a big problem.

The same scenario is with the home appliances that we use in our everyday life. There are several appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, television, air conditioner, oven or water purifier which are an almost integral part of our lives. We cannot expect to have a comfortable lifestyle without the presence of these or at least some of these appliances. But again, these are also one of the most expansive appliances available in the market. So, if you want to get the comfort of having these appliances in your home then a big budget is the primary thing to consider.

Well, it is a good thing that now you can simply consider renting furniture and home appliances for your home. Taking furniture and home appliances on rent is a far more convenient choice for you than purchasing it. But, some people doubt their renting decision because renting such everyday use items doesn’t seem an ideal choice for them. So, in order to understand the reason for preferring furniture and appliances on rent instead of buying it, let’s see what are the reason that makes renting more suitable choice.

Why Consider Furniture And Appliances On Rent?

The primary thing that comes in our mind while renting furniture is its price estimation. But, you don’t need to consider this matter anymore because the competition in the rental market has become higher than it was ever before. So, it is easy for you to find the best competitive price of the market with simple research. Additionally, there are many companies who are giving the most attractive price range in renting that will certainly make the deal worth your consideration. There are many other factors as well:

Relocation Friendly: This is the fact that moving the furniture or home appliances from one place to another can be a task of a big headache. When you relocate these items, you will need to face the fact that some damage probabilities are almost certain in most of the cases. When you are relocating, you will need to prepare yourself for the damages that your furniture and appliances will face. And of course, when there will be damage, it will require you to do the necessary repair so that you can use it again.

But when you take furniture and appliances on rent, the relocation process will be completely out of the picture. Why? Because it will be managed by a rental company. You just need to provide the details of the present and new address along with the date. They will give you the relocation assistance whenever you need it. It is a kind of free of cost complimentary service that most of the furniture rental company offer to their customers. So, when they will deliver the appliances or furniture to your new address, it will new and completely free of any damage.

Budget-Friendly: Having a big budget is always the best choice when it comes to furniture shopping. When you can purchasing furniture for your entire home, can you expect to make a low budget plan? Of course not. Mainly because most of the decent quality furniture will cost you the standard amount and combining the furniture of your entire home will become a big and loan worthy amount. Is this still a good idea to make such a big purchase choice when you have a better option for furniture rental?

When you consider taking furniture and appliances on rent, you will need to pay a minimum rental amount and you can avail the advantage of the best quality items without crossing any budget line at all. In fact, this will be like renting a house. It will give you the freedom of choosing the best for you and you can change it if you don’t like it. It will help you to experiment and understand what is the most suitable choice for you. And then when you know it, you can finally stick with it.

User-Friendly: Purchasing furniture and electronic appliances is a standard choice that most people make. There are certain criteria for purchase that most of the customers follow. They choose the products of a reputed company and check the specs. Finally, not many people succeed in bumper negotiation so this part may vary customer to customer. So, there is very low to no space for negotiation in high-quality furniture and products that can give you a guarantee of a decent life. Will you still go out of your budget and consider it? Well, it will be hard. There will be a time when you need to compromise your standard to match the budget.

When you are in such a situation, renting furniture and electronic appliances can be the ideal choice. You can choose the best choice in the lowest budget. You can find what is best for you and then go with it without worrying about budget constraints. The budget will never be a problem in furniture and home appliances rental because you can easily find the most competitive prices in the rental market that can fulfill your basic to luxury requirements with the lowest possible investment.

Maintenance Friendly: The most evident factor in purchased furniture and electronic appliances is that you will need to handle everything on your own after purchasing them. There will be no third party involvement for any added support. There could be warranty and guarantee but it is strictly applied to certain categories where the product is defected or problematic. Also, it is only applied within the warranty period. After this period, there will be no such assistance at all.

But, it is a great feature of rental services that they allow you to avail the advantage of free maintenance. When your furniture receives regular maintenance, then it can be as good as new for a long time. And when your appliances are checked frequently, then they will do their work without any problem for a long time. And even if customers face any problem in the product while using it, the rental company does the repair or replacement from their side without charging you anything extra for it.

Upgrade Friendly: Another significant factor of purchased items is that you cannot change them with an advanced version of it. When you buy furniture and it becomes outdated after a year, then you only have a choice to sell it and then buy a new one. The same procedure needs to be followed with the appliances as well. So, when you have purchased the furniture or home appliances then you don’t have much of a choice when it comes to upgrading and renewing the items.

But, this is not the case with the furniture and appliances on rent. You will get the freedom of upgrading, renewing or changing your rental appliances and furniture as per your preference. For example, if you are redecorating your home with the new style then you don’t need to make a modification to your design to match your furniture. You can simply choose the design that you like the most and then you can upgrade or change the furniture with a new one that looks perfect with your new home design!

Highlights Of Furniture Rental Services

Now that we have discussed the reasons why we should consider rental services for our home, this is the perfect time to look at some of the major highlights of taking furniture and appliances on rent. These quick highlights will help you see if your situation fits this category and then you can easily make the decision of rental furniture or appliances for your home.

  1. Most of the rental services will offer you quick and convenient delivery options. Some of them can give you 48-72 hours of delivery. Along with the quick delivery, you will get the advantage of free of cost installation so that you don’t have to learn everything and worry about the process before using it.
  2. There is a deposit amount that every customer needs to pay before completing the order booking process. This amount may vary as per the standard rules of the rental company. This is called a security deposit. This security deposit is considered completely refundable and deductions are made only when there is big damage in the rented items. Normally, this security deposit equals the cost of 1-2 month’s rental payment.
  3. You get the choices of easy payments and big discounts on bulk payments. You can choose to pay every 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or 24 months. And when you pay long term rentals, like 24 months, then you will get added discounts that can make your deal, even more, cost-effective. You can get even more discounts with promotions and seasonal discount offers.
  4. When you need to take furniture and appliances on rent for your entire home or any specific room of your home then considering ready-made packages will be a better choice. Choosing separate furniture will give you discounts but the deal can be even more beneficial for you when you will choose the package. It is because packages will include multiple items and yet their rental costs are not as high as you would expect it to be.
  5. Small damage to the furniture or appliance is common when you will use them every day. So, in rental services, you will not be charged extra for simple damages like a scratch or wear and tear, etc. These things will be managed during maintenance and you will get complete freedom of using your furniture without worrying about anything at all.
  6. According to the current job economy stats, it is clear that jobs are no longer stable as they used to be. Their nature has become much more flexible and hence they are focusing more on versatility or experience rather than stability. And due to this change in the economy, it is considered that 17-18 months is an average estimate time of relocation for an average individual. So, when we consider this, relocation also becomes a big part of our life. And that is why free relocation service makes the rental even a more beneficial and convenient choice.

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