Reports: ‘No indication’ Switzerland train attack was a terrorist act

Reports: ‘No indication’ Switzerland train attack was a terrorist act : Today, Swiss police said that there was no indication of an act of terror. An attacker attacked with knife in a train, which killed one woman and injured five passengers.


According to the Swiss Police that a 27-year-old Swiss national used flammable liquid to start a fire on a moving train in eastern Switzerlandbefore stabbing passengers.

The attack took place at around 2:20 pm (1220 GMT) near Salez station on a train running between Buchs and Sennwald near eastern border of Switzerland with Austria and Liechtenstein.

The attacker had been caught on video, allowing them to determine that the man had acted alone.

The Swiss police said that the victims included two men of aged 17 years and 50 years. Three women of aged 17 years, 34 years and 43 years and a little girl of age only 6 years old.

Regional police eastern canton of Saint Gallen in Switzerland said that a 34-year-old woman who had been in critical condition in the attack, had succumbed to her injuries in the morning today.

Police spokesman Hanspeter Kruesi told the Blick daily that if a man who stand on the platform did not pull out the attacker out of the train, the more passengers might have been injured.

Late yesterday, police of Swiss had searched the home of the suspected attacker. The attacker lives in a canton neighbouring Saint Gallen in Switzerland.

The police statement said that the results are part of a criminal proceeding and are therefore not public.

Police also said that some 90 rescue workers had taken part in yesterday’s operation, including 3 rescue helicopters, ambulances fire fighters and police.

The Swiss police is taking the attack seriously. The police is also investigating the attack at the angle of terror attack.