Riley Sluman Motorbike Accident Video, Son & Father Michael Scott Died At fatal Crash

Riley Sluman Motorbike Accident Video, Son & Father Michael Scott Died At fatal Crash A very drastic and harsh incident happen to Evans as the two persons have lost their lives during the motorbike accident on Tuesday, September 23rd,2021. And the persons were father and daughter and their name was Riley Sluman and Michael Scott. And with that, the news of the accident broke out on social media on September 23rd,2021, and after that whoever get the drastic news have completely shocked and expressed their heartfelt thoughts on the media. If you want to know what exactly happen in the incident then stick with us and read the complete article.

Riley Sluman Motorbike Accident Video, Son & Father Michael Scott Died

According to the source on Tuesday, 23rd September, the incident happen at Fredrick in which both father and daughter collided after a motorbike struck down with the pick-up truck. And after that, both the person injured so seriously by which 24 years old girl Riley died on the spot of the incident meanwhile her 54 years old father was immediately shifted to the nearby hospital center but unfortunately can’t be saved despite a lot of hard efforts.

Riley Sluman Motorbike Accident

The news of Riley’s demise was first announced by the Weld Country Coroner’s Office spokesperson. As per the investigation, police team passed a statement in this regard in media in which they said that Riley’s father was driving the motorbike while Riley was sat back on the bike and suddenly a motorcycle collide with their vehicle behind.

Meanwhile, the city police team have discovered that the deceased people were the father and daughter who passed on the same day who were traveling towards the northbound on Colorado Boulevard. And as per the information the incident took place at around the time 7:30 pm evening. With that, it has been discovered the pickup driver who collided with the deceased one is still hospitalized and yet not disclosed about her in public as police are still trying to figure out that the accident was hit by chance or by the negligence of the pick driver. If any updates come in this regard we will surely inform you.

With that, it was also identified that Riley and her father were not worn helmets at the time of the incident and maybe they can be saved if they have worn that. So from this incident there comes a message for us all to always wear a helmet while driving as it is for the safety of ourselves not for others with that chances of survivals increases if you by chance are met with an accident. So don’t play with your life and follow the safety rules. With that, we pay our tribute to the deceased one and may their soul rest in peace.


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