Ringing Bells Director Mohit Goel Arrested over fraud charges

Ringing Bells Director Mohit Goel Arrested over fraud charges :- Remember Ringing Bells? Well, it’s the Indian company that launched the world’s first cheapest mobile phone Freedom 251 last year. Goel has been charged with forgery, cheating and criminal conspiracy.


Freedom 251 priced at Rs 251. Also, there are many reports against the company. Now the Noida-based brand’s Managing Director Mohit Goel was arrested on Thursday evening by the Ghaziabad senior police on charges of fraud.

Ghaziabad Ayam Enterprises filed against Goel earlier this week alleging that Ringing Bells defrauded it of Rs 16 lakh.

As per the FIR, Ayam Enterprises was earlier approached by Ringing Bells to take up the distribution of the Freedom 251 mobile phone in November last year.

A PTI report cited the FIR which said, “We paid Rs 30 lakh to Ringing Bell on different occasions but it delivered us a product of Rs 13 lakh only and we could only get products plus money totalling Rs 14 lakh.”

The official owners of Ayam Enterprises told that they were scared of life multiple times when they asked Ringing Bells for the remaining Rs 16 lakh.

Goel said that he was ready to pay back Rs 16 lakh to Ayam Enterprises and the distributor was also ready for taking back the payment and withdraw the FIR.

Ghaziabad SP Manish said that Goel has been arrested for interrogation in the matter and they are searching for the other four accused.