Rubio Canvasser Attack Explained: Second Suspect Jonathan Casanova Arrested

Rubio Canvasser Attack Explained: Second Suspect Jonathan Casanova Arrested:- This is to inform you that police have arrested two prime suspects in the assault case on a Marco Rubio canvasser in Florida. A few days ago a shocking incident came to know, two men brutally assaulted a Marco Rubio canvasser in Florida. Since this news surfaced and took over the internet it is hitting headlines and leading people to demand justice for the victim. Meanwhile, the police have come up with a development. Recently, the police reported that they have arrested another suspect concerning the brutal assault on a canvasser in Florida. Both suspects have been identified. In the further sections, we have mentioned their identities and you will also get to learn what they did with the victim. So be sticky with this page and keep reading this article for more details.

Rubio Canvasser Attack Explained Second Suspect Jonathan Casanova

Rubio Canvasser Attack Explained

As per the reports, a Sen. Marco Rubio canvasser was assaulted by two men in Hialeah, Florida. However, both suspects have been taken into custody. According to the report given by police, both suspects attacked the canvasser. What are the names of the suspects? Reportedly, the second suspect is identified as Jonathan Alexander Casanova while the first suspect is identified as Javier Lopez. What is the name of the victim? Scroll down the page and read about the suspect.

Suspect Arrested

Reportedly, the victim was identified as Chris Monzon. The incident happened with Chris Monzon distributing leaflets for Rubio and Governor Ron DeSantis. But suddenly two men started attacking him. Canvasser told police that Jonathan Casanova introduced him as a Republican and he was not permitted to pass through the neighborhood. Scroll down the page and read more.

The report further reported that after a verbal altercation, both victims started beating him. Lopes rushed Monzon and threw him on the ground while Jonathan Casanova kicked him after falling on the ground. The suspects have been taken into custody now and charged with assault and aggravated battery. Jonathan Casanova is a 27-year-old man. Marco Rubio stated, “Local media spent 2 days treating the GOP canvasser who was attacked as a criminal & denying the attack was politically motivated. Now a second arrest, a police report & surveillance video show how biased & irresponsible the narrative they were pushing was pic.”

As per the latest reports, the suspects have been freed on a bond. But they are prohibited from contacting Monzon in person, on social media, or in writing.

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