Salman Khan makes a final decision and Remove Arijit Singh’s song in Sultan Movie

Salman Khan makes a final decision and Remove Arijit Singh’s song in Sultan Movie : Arijit Singh socially apologizes to Salman Khan about his behavior. He begged him not to replace his song in Sultan movie. It’s all starts from an Award show where Salman was hosting the show, and Arijit got the best singer award. Salman played a joke on his song ‘Tum Hi Ho” just for fun, and later Arijit Singh said that Salman is the worst host he had ever seen.


But Salman did not reply him. Well, that’s his greatness. Salman is an experienced and most respective actor in Bollywood. But now Arijit Singh apologizes Salman Khan on social media.

He wrote that he tried so much try to apologize to him, but Salman never replied he added that he sang so many songs. But it’s his dream to sing a song for him. Arijit requested Salman not to replace his song and at least keep a version of his song in ‘Sultan” movie.

But we think that Salman Khan is in no mood to forgive you. We will tell you te latest updates of this controversy. It’s final now Salman and Sultan makers are not going to keep his song in the movie. Salman does not want to be a part of his song in the movie.

Arijit Singh thinks to visits Salman’s house and to meet him personally. Arijit tries to convince him. But the filmmakers of Sultan has cleared that there is no place for Arijit Singh in Sultan.

So it’s clear and final that that there’s no place for Arijit in Sultan, asserts our source. As sources said that the emotional track of this film now will be replaced by the Salman khan’s original version. Salman records his song for this movie.

Arijit insulted Salman in an award show. Stay tuned with us for more updates and information.