#SankatMochan: IAF’s C-17 154 Indians Evacuated from South Sudan Lands in Delhi

New Delhi : After facing the lot’s of the problem , Now India gets started a rescue mission for those who struck in war-torn South Sudan. where also the supersede exercise faced a difficulty when some Indians rejected to return despite a request by BJP party leader Sushma Swaraj.

154 Indians evacuated from South Sudan return home

According to the fresh report, Where first Indian air force flight which name is C-17 carry out the around 156 people who were extruded from the war in Juba, Which is a capital of South Sudan and after the lot’s of effort they finally back in a safe zone, India.

However, In the counting of those 156 people, there are two two Nepali citizens and including nine women with three small kids, Whos safely rescued by the flight C-17.

While Minister of State for External Affairs ‘V K Singh’ given the statement on the Delhi Airport to present their reports and told that there are around 156 peoples have been deposing including their two Nepali citizens and the passenger of the Kerala state , some other from Tamil Nadu get down after a short pause here before moving to Delhi.

#SankatMochan: Indian rescue team first Plane is headed to by Vk Singh Land Duba

Also, he said, In Juba there are approximately 550 people and another 150 in ranges where the oil holes are placed When we arrived that 156 back in India and There were around 40-50 Indians who had previously reserved their tickets when the economic flights were begun and around 300 Indian did not want to be left due to their industry matters and other projects.

And those who left in Juba, South Sudan 300 Indian. We will try to convince them to safely back in the home because of I think business comes first, life comes later.

The discharge operation suffered a difficult when numerous Indians, subsequent enrolling with the External Affairs Ministry for moving from the Juba, South Sudan. declined to deliver and notwithstanding an appeal by External affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

from the reports, Where V K Singh also announced, he had convened Vice President of the South Sudan who talked of the position out there in Juba. The C-17 Indian air force flight was made by Uganda and the minister further joined the Ugandan PM Ruhakana Rugunda, who on his role proved of every relief.