Shillong Curfew lifted for 7 Hours today, 8am to 3PM; Curfew Continued now

Shillong Curfew lifted for 7 Hours today, 8am to 3PM; Curfew Continued now: Well, you all should know that the Curfew is already lifted for seven hours today and nothing bad happened so far. The reports are coming that Meghalaya’s capital Shillong is finally getting back to the normal but restrictions will remain in force because the government didn’t want to take any chances again.

As you all may know that today Curfew lifted from 8 am to 3 pm on Sunday in curfew areas under Lumdiengjri Police Station and Cantonment Beat House areas to allow people to get their essential commodities. Now, the government is saying that everyone should avoid coming out from the houses until things get back to normal.

You all should know that the Internet on mobile service is banned for now and it will be continue that way. Also, the sale of petrol, diesel etc in loose jerricans, bottles and any other containers will not take place until the curfew took back. People shouldn’t get worried because things will be alright and will be back to normal soon.

Also, the magistrate said that people should avoid false propagated in social media like attacks on the gurdwara in the city or any other related news. He confirmed that “The situation is still tense but under control. The Indian Army is on standby and will be deployed if the situation warrants. The district administration and the state police are making all efforts to restore peace and normalcy.

You all know that the curfew is continued since the Thursday’s clash. The clash erupted after a skirmish between some women and a driver of Shillong Public Transport Service (SPTS) bus at Them Meteor, which led to the assault of three persons. The parties involved in the skirmish had arrived at a verbal compromise later.