Shocking: 19-year-old Dead, Three Injured After Farmland Crash Sends Car Rolling

The saddening news is from Farmland Town of Indiana state of USA. A horrifying crash occurred that took over the life of one person and injured three others. It was a single-vehicle crash and it was so intense that people are shocked by the fatal incident. The car was occupied by four youngsters. It has been reported that the car was at high speed. There was no traffic on the road then what happened that led to this horrifying crash? People are wondering and shocked to know about the accident. What exactly happened and where the accident took place, we are going to share the news in detail, so be with us to get the entire info about the news.

19-year-old Dead, Three Injured After Farmland Crash

The tragic incident is from Farmland of Indiana State where a honda civic flipped over and over so many times that the images of the wrecked car tell its story. It has been reported that a 19-year-old was driving the car and it was at very high speed. The driver lost control of the car and it was at such a high rate of speed that it went airborne after hitting the hump in the road. The tragic accident took place at around 8:40 pm on Sunday. The fatal accident occurred at the intersection of county road 100 North and state road 3 near Farmland.

19-year-old Dead, Three Injured After Farmland Crash

The police officials rushed to the site of the accident after getting the information. The officials told that the driver who has been identified as Wesley Burkhart crossed the stop sign at the intersection by ignoring it. He belonged to Muncie.According to the reports he died on the spot. The speed was so high that two passengers that were on the back seats were ejected when the car tumbled, flipped and rolled. The back seat passengers have been identified as a 19 years old and a 16-year-old boy. Both belong to Anderson as per reports. One that was accompanying  Wesley was 18 years old and is from Avon.

All the injured are in critical condition and have been admitted to the hospital. One is transported to Indianapolis Hospital by Air. Others are taking treatment in a hospital in Muncie. According to police officials, they were also not wearing seat belts. The police officials are investigating the case. They also told that the car flipped so many times that it continued tumbling and rolling until at last coming to a rest in a pasture several feet east of a creek on the north side of 100 N. People are sending condolences to the family of the deceased and prayers for the injured youngsters. Stay tuned.

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