Shocking! Four Adults Found Killed After Shooting In Texas at Apartment Complex

Police said that Four persons have been found dead after a shooting at an apartment complex in Bastrop, Texas.

On Satruday evening, a man opened fire at an apartment complex in Bastrop, Texas.


After killing two women and a child, the attacker is believed to have turned the weapon on himself, police officials said.

Another child was taken from to the hospital with minor injuries.

Dawn Adams who is a spokeswoman for the Bastrop County sheriff’s office confirmed that the suspect was dead and the scene was secured.

She said that the police officers received a call about the attack at 6:13 p.m in the Saturday evening.

The spokeswoman for the Bastrop County Sheriff Dawn Adams said that only one child has been taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

She said that there was no details about the suspect till now. What was the motive behind the shooting are not available.

Bastrop is a town of about 7,500 people located 35 miles southeast of Austin.

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