Shocking!! Four Dead, 9 Missing After Cargo Ship Runs Aground In Philippines Check Video

A sad piece of news is coming from the Philippines, where a cargo ship shipwrecked and four crew member of the ship have died and nine of them are still missing, while seven of them have been saved on time. The incident happened on 19th April 2021, that is, on Monday. As per the sources, the cargo ship was passing through another province. The weather was bad because of Typhoon Surigae and the winds were blowing at speed of 195km per hour, that is at 121.17 miles per hour. Typhoon Surigae not only affected the southern Philippines but also affect other areas of the Eastern Philippines.

Four Dead, 9 Missing After Cargo Ship Runs Aground In Philippines

In a statement given by one of the coast guards, Gelly Rosales, he said that the ship was shielding itself from the bumpy waves, and then all of sudden the cargo ship’s anchor broke and caused the ship to drift. As per the reports, four crew members that died in this incident are said to be from the LCT Cebu Great Ocean. The cargo ship was taking 2,000 litres of diesel and nickel ore but before that, it grounded under the shallow water in the province of Surigao del Norte. It was at this time that the seven crew member jumped off the cargo ship and abandoned the ship.

In that incident, 4 crew members lost their dear life, while seven of them have been saved by the Philippine Coast Guard team, while as mentioned previously, 9 members of the crew are still missing and a search operation is carrying on. The bodies of the four-member have been recovered and the seven missing members were searched and saved at various locations of the southern province. The cargo ship has grounded 60 km deep under the water. The typhoon has badly hampered and damaged many areas of the eastern region of the Philipines.

As previously mentioned, super Typhoon Surigae has badly affected the regions of the Eastern Philippines. In an official report given by Disaster officials, it has been reported that the three people lost their lives, while 10 are several injured and one person is still missing. The intensity of the tropical cyclone is huge and therefore, the disaster team has shifted thousand of people who lives comes under the cyclone-affected area to the evacuation centres. The search operation is still going on and the maritime police have urged the other passing ship to search for a lost crew member of the LCT Cebu Great Ocean.

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