Shocking: Raped By Father, Class 8 Girl Delivers Baby in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore, Accused Arrested

Shocking news coming from the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. This news is enough to make people shocked as the news is including a father who assaulted his own daughter. As far as we know, a 13-year-old girl was assaulted over a period of time by her father. She was an 8th-class student. People are shocked after hearing the news that a father assaulted his daughter and also impregnated her. This news get the attention of people last Tuesday, 2nd August 2022. She was being assaulted for the last 10 months. She was in school. Ass of a sudden, she started feeling pain in her stomach. Thereafter, she was taken to the Government Vellore Medical College by her relatives.

Raped By Father, Class 8 Girl Delivers Baby in Tamil Nadu Vellore

In the Government Vellore Medical College, she was informed to be pregnant. The doctors informed her relatives that she was supposed to give birth to a child. Thereafter, she gave birth to a baby boy in the Government Vellore Medical College. This news has surged a spate on the internet. Now, this news has been covered by not only social media personalities but also a number of media personalities.

Class 8 Girl Delivers Baby in Tamil Nadu’s Vellore

No sooner did the doctors get to know about this incident than they informed the Child Welfare Committe. The doctor filled a complaint with the Vellore all-women police. It is revealed in the police investigation that the father of the victim was not living with her mother as they were separated. She and her brother were living with their grandfather. She had to visit her father to serve cooked food. The investigating police officer has stated that she was physically assaulted by her father every possibly single time whenever she visited her father’s accommodation. She was menaced by her father and she would face troublesome consequences if she reveals anyone about this physical assault.

If we concentrate on the age of the victim, we may understand that it would be difficult for the girl to understand the situation and also about methods to cope with such a situation. The man has been arrested by the police and he is in judicial custody. he is charged with the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. he will be punished under the POCSO Act of the Indian Penal Code. Such men do not deserve to be out in public. He must be punished as soon as possible. It will take the victim some time to overcome these menacing memories.

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