Solomon Islands Independence Day Celebrations 2019 Quotes Images Wishes

Solomon Islands Independence Day Celebrations 2019 Quotes Images Wishes :- History of Solomon Island July 7 is Independence Day in Solomon Islands. This public holiday celebrates the liberation of Solomon Islands from the rule of United Kingdom on Solomon in 1978.

Solomon Islands is an island country in Oceania. Much of its territory is formed by the Solomon Islands archipelago, but the nation should not be compared with the archipelago. The first Europeans to visit the islands were the Spanish in 1568. Later, the archipelago was visited by British, French and Dutch explorers.


In June 1893, British Solomon Islands province was proclaimed over the southern region of the archipelago. After the Second World War, official local committee was founded on the islands. This allowed assistance of the islanders in central government.

The first voting rights in Solomon Islands were held in the 1960s. In 1970, a new constitution was selected. It supplanted the earlier existing authoritative and Executive Councils with a single administrative Council.

After the 1973 oil price crash, British officials apprehended that the economic cost of administering a colony raised too much. In 1976, Solomon Islands were given self-government. On July 7, 1978, Solomon Islands became an independent country.