RIP Jet Black Dead: Stranglers Drummer Dies Aged 84 Due To Ill Health

RIP Jet Black Dead: Stranglers Drummer Dies Aged 84 Due To Ill Health:- Jet Black, the owner of The Stranglers died after suffering from a long-term disease. He was famously known as the one who had started The Stranglers. He was basically a drummer, and he also used to make different types of furniture.

Jet Black Dead Stranglers Drummer Dies Aged 84 Due To Ill Health

The demise of Jet Black was announced by Jet Bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel. Bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel called the “force of nature,” “rebel with many causes,” and the “most erudite of men.” He has announced that Jet Black died on the 6th of December after some time of suffering from a long-term disease. However, Jean-Jacques has not announced what disease Jet Black was suffering from.

How Did Jet Black Die?

On the 6th of December, 2022, Jet Black died after suffering from an unknown disease for a long time. He was around the age of 84. It has been announced by bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel that Jet Black was suffering from a long-term disease. While Jet Black was in his last hours, he had been surrounded by his family members and friends. And Jet Black died peacefully.

Jet Black was working as the drummer for The Stranglers. His real name is Brian John Duffy, and the same name is also his business name. He had been the owner of some ice cream vans that used to take a tour of the United Kingdom. While Jet Black was working with The Stranglers, in the year 1980, some members of The Stranglers had got to be arrested, but later the model had been solved.

Tribute To Jet Black

Jet Black was a famous drummer of a new wave rock back named “The Stranglers.” He was not only the drummer. He had also been the writer of some books and he used to make furniture. He was the one who had launched The Stranglers. The Stranglers is best known for the songs such as No More Heroes, Golden Brown, Always The Sun, and Peaches. There are a lot of songs by The Stranglers which have achieved the 23 top 40 singles, and many more.

Before the demise of Jet Black from The Stranglers, there was Dave Greenfield who died after he tested positive for COVID-19 in the month of May 2020. During the hard times of Jet Black, we stand with the family members and friends of Jet Black. We also pray for the peace of Jet Black. Stay tuned to the website of Dekh News for the latest updates on the latest news.

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