Suicide Bomb Blast In Kabul 28 killed & 300 Injured

Suicide Bomb Blast In Kabul 28 killed & 300 Injured :- At the middle of the Kabul state a suicide bomb blast that killed 24 people and wound 161 peoples. Taliban takes responsibility of it. This incident happened near  American embassy. The smokes came out from the building of American embassy and alerts siren raised their. And the members of embassy said that they all are safe.BN-LY541_AFGHAN_P_20160104154606

This blast happened in Pul-E-Mehmood area. After the blast the whole area is protected and covered by the soldiers. The main cause and reason behind this blast is still a mystery.  The home ministry of Afghanistan  and the agencies are under this area.

A suicide car also involved in this attack they may be tried to point American embassy. The suicide attack was followed by an assault by armed militants as Sediq Sediqqi spokes man for the Afghan ministry said after the attack.

The area has been sorrounded by the government forces and so many ambulance were called their. And the battle is still going their between the government forces and armed insurgents.

A Talibani spokesperson claimed their responsibility on this blast. According to him their forces are fighting. On this incident the president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani said that their forces  defeat the enemy and give them a strong answer over it.

Most of the wounded person are civilians in it. Islamic group of Taliban stated in a website that they had carried out the suicide bombing on “Department 10”, an NDS unit which is responsible for protecting government ministers and VIPs. All the Indians are safe in this blast as they are were not affected in this blast.

The suicide car bomber entered from the main gate with their fighters to enter the heavily guarded compound. The U.S embassy and NATO mission stated that they were not affected by this this blast. Well the real fact and reason will  come out after a proper investigation about it.