Watch #WWE SummerSlam 2017 Live Updates Results Hd Video Fights Reaction Winners Highlights 21st August

Watch #WWE SummerSlam 2017 Live Updates Results Hd Video Fights Reaction Winners Highlights 21st August :- Summer Slam 2017 went crazy for the fans as well as for the viewers. As you all know that Brock Lesnar who went to hell and came back and got what he wants. Yes! After receiving a horrific and shocking beat down by the Braun Strowman earlier, Brock recovered. You all know that Brock Lesnar is not an easy task to win and he proved it again by retaking the title. He retained his Universal Championship with an F5 on Roman Reigns which is very good news for the fans.

Well, On the other hand as everybody expected that Nakamura is going to win the title because he is favorite. On the other hand, Mahal’s win is somewhat of an upset considering the match was a quite a short on for a title match. People are is shock and they do not believe that something like this happened. Well, the whole first was very short and it sure seemed a rushed ending as Nakamura’s ends.  Overall, Mahal took the charge and leave the summer slam with a champion’s belt.

#WWE SummerSlam 2017 Hd Video Fights Winners Highlights

Now if we talk about AJ Styles then we can say that he retained the title with his second Styles clash on Owens. Also, as per the reports, Owens who tried to knock down Styles a lot of time during the fight didn’t win. Referee Shane McMahon realized that Styles had his leg on the bottom rope and that give styles a chance to come back and fight with full energy. Overall, Styles took the belt as he wants.


Also, in other fights, Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Sheamus and pick up a belt for his tea. Also, the former Shield members took the tag titles away from Sheamus and Cesaro. Also, Sasha Banks become the 4th time champion of the belt and retained the title. Orton defended the other team and won the title even he was hit by the Rusev before the match.

Natalya def. Naomi on women fights and took the charge. Also, Everyone’s favorites John Cena won the title again and def Baron Corbin in very big Match. So, it is the full detail of SummerSlam 2017 you can really get more information about this whole game in upcoming days.