Suspect Of Marko Chagaga Murder Case Aubrey Khambi, Ekison Bima and Jestadi Tipa Arrested

Suspect Of Marko Chagaga Murder Case Aubrey Khambi, Ekison Bima and Jestadi Tipa Arrested:- An 8 years old kid, named Marko Chagaga was killed by the three killers. Marko Chagaga’s demise was known to his villagers when his parents started to search for him, but Marko Chagaga could not be found. Later the parents of Marko Chagaga finally found his ashes and some of the body parts including his not burned head and they immediately called the police for investigation. Now Marko Chagaga’s parents and his friends are missing him very badly. Everyone is hoping for the case to be resolved and for the murderers to get punished. Now very soon, the police authority of the murder case of Marko Chagaga is going to bring the culprits to court for legal actions to be taken as soon as possible.

Suspect Of Marko Chagaga Murder Case Aubrey Khambi Ekison Bima Jestadi Tipa Arrested

Who Killed Marko Chagaga?

On the 26th of November, 2022, Marko Chagaga was killed by the three suspected men in his area. He was killed after he was asked by the suspected criminals to go to a particular part of the bush for bringing the woods for fire. After Marko Chagaga went along with the criminals, the criminals killed him and buried his body. The cruelest thing that Marko Chagaga did was neither burn Marko Chagaga’s head nor even kept its safety.

According to the sources, in the murder case of Marko Chagaga, one boy and two men have been suspected of the murder of Marko Chagaga; Ekison Bima, who is at the age of 20, Jestadi Tipa is around the age of 33, and Aubrey Khambi who is also at the age of 33. Now the police have arrested all the suspects and legal action is being taken by the police. Here let us inform you that

Who Was Marko Chagaga?

Marko Chagaga was from the Masanduko Village Traditional Authority Ngabu. He was brutally killed by the three people who had taken him to the nearest forest so that they could bring the firewood for their night spent. However, destiny had written a different story than Marko Chagaga would have planned.

There has not been any kind of information about the boy Marko Chagaga as he had not been on social media platforms and there is not much about his personal life on social media. However, it has come to the fore that Marko Chagaga was a kid who was around the age of 8 years. Keep on following the website of Dekh News for the latest information on the news.

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