Taking A Look At Some Healthy Cruise Tips To Prevent You Getting Sick

This year alone, 32 million people will hop aboard a cruise ship and enjoy a vacation at sea.

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If you’re planning a cruise, there’s no doubt that you’re looking forward to your upcoming trip. At the same time, it only takes one sick passenger to get an entire cruise sick.

Fortunately, avoiding cruise crud is quite easy to do! Keep reading for some healthy cruise tips that can keep you from being cabin-bound.

Wash Your Hands Often

It’s a little scary to think about how dirty our hands get on a given day. Simple things like touching doorknobs, shaking hands, and coughing or sneezing without covering your mouth can increase the spread of germs by quite a bit.

Yet it’s impossible to stay away from germs entirely, especially on a cruise. To combat the spread of germs, wash your hands with soap and warm water every few hours, especially near mealtimes.

The CDC recommends washing for at least 20 seconds and suggests humming “Happy Birthday” once to ensure you’ve washed long enough.

Get Plenty of Rest

Living your best life on vacation typically involves a bit of a shift in your schedule. It’s fun to stay up and sleep in, but a change in your sleep schedule can mess with your immune system.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body has a harder time producing specific proteins and antibodies that stave off illnesses.

By all means, have fun and stay up late. But make sure you’re getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night.

Add Some Vitamin C to Your Diet

People have used Vitamin C to boost their immune systems for centuries. And as far as we’re concerned, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

Adding a bit of citrus to your diet promotes the production of antioxidants and blood cells that your body needs to fight off infections. Consider adding some fresh fruit to your meals or taking a Vitamin C supplement to ensure you’re getting enough Vitamin C each day.

Stay Active

Understandably, exercise isn’t going to be the first thing on your mind when you hop aboard a luxury liner. While you don’t have to spend an hour in the gym every day, you should do your best to stay active in any way you can.

The good news is that most cruises include numerous exercise classes. Experience an all inclusive Celebrity Cruise to try yoga for the first time, or cycle a few miles in a spin class.

If you’d rather skip the gym or exercise classes, try your best to get in a few laps around the ship each day. It’s an excellent opportunity to see everything the ship has to offer, and it’ll help your immune system, too.

Avoid Cruise Crud with These Healthy Cruise Tips 

After months of looking forward to your cruise, the last thing you want is to be sick at sea. Follow these healthy cruise tips to make sure you stay healthy and have a wonderful vacation.

And if you’d like to learn more about staying healthy, make sure to check back with our blog!

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