#TalkToAK Arvind Kejriwal Watch online Live Streaming 17th July 2016 Youtube Video

Mumbai: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is now online to interacts with the people across India. People can put their questions to CM Kejriwal through mobile phones, social media and text messages. The AAP party also launched a website namely www.talktoak.com through which one can talk to Arvind Kejriwal.

On Sunday from 11:00 AM, He is now online. Those people who want to ask their questions can talk to CM Kejriwal through the above mentioned officially website of AAP party.

Hurry up people, this is the best time to talk to Arvind Kejriwal  on the topics like corruption,inflation and many more.




Arvind talks about the rate of Wheat and pulses. He said that the minimum price of wheat is Rs. 1450 but labour cost is Rs. 1950. Kejriwal also blames PM Modi on the price of wheat and pulses.

Kejriwal claims that the government is working for the people of Delhi and assembly of Delhi passes the many bill, one of them is that if your ration card is not issue within the 15 days then the concerned officer’s salary will deduct.

Kejriwal said that the Delhi government send the Jan Lokpal Bill to Central Government but the Central government did not take any interest in the bill.

Delhi Government is giving the facility like roads, water and safety to citizens, he said.

He also blame the NDA government over the transfer of officer from the Delhi.

Arvind claims that corruption in the Delhi at the time of AAP is totally eliminated.

He said that 8000 class have been constructed in the Delhi school and 45 new school have been constructed in Delhi.

In all conversation, CM Kejriwal blames the Central Government over the political fueds.

One asks over the Advertisement, Kejriwal said that advertisement is the way to inform the people of India that what is happening in Delhi. Through the advertisement, we tell the people about the work of the government.

Another asks about the MLA salary which is increase by the Delhi government, Kejriwal said on this that our government is corruption free and against the corruption. He said that we increase the salary of MLA because we want that our MLAs do not do any corruption. Earlier the salary of MLA was Rs. 12000 only and now the salary is Rs. 50000.


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