Terrorist Dawood Ibrahim’s Mumbai Properties To Be Seized By Government

Terrorist Dawood Ibrahim’s Mumbai Properties To Be Seized By Government: Most-wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim’s Mumbai property which is of the worth of Rs crores is all set to seize by the government, the Supreme Court announced this today.

Terrorist Dawood Ibrahim's Mumbai Properties To Be Seized By Government

Dismissing petitions by his sister Hasina Parkar and mother Amina Bi Kaskar the main properties in Mumbai’s Nagpada belonged to Dawood but his mother and sister, both dead, had been possessed.

In the year, 1988, the government sealed the properties under a law which permit to takeover of properties of smugglers, foreign exchange manipulators and their relatives also.

Dawood’s mother and sister had challenged the takeover that is started post-1993 serial blasts in Mumbai in which 257 were killed.

Dawood had fled the nation and the departments concerned required to seize properties belonging to the terrorist.

Amina Kaskar and Hasina Parkar had moved the Supreme Court post the tribunal and the Delhi High Court allowed to go their challenge which take over the order in July 1998.

In November 2012 Supreme Court ordered status quo in this case anyway.

The government had said that the various opportunities were given to Amina and Hasina which was to display the legal sources of income to attain the properties but no valid document was filed anyway.

The two women as per reports had seven residential properties in their names – two in Amina Bi’s name and five in Hasina Parkar’s name.

The properties, worth crores, were allegedly acquired with the Dawood’s illicit wealth.

Dawood Ibrahim is said the mastermind of the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts which was then he listed as a global terrorist by the UN Security Council’s IS and al-Qaida Sanctions Committee.

India’s assertion which has been sheltered by Pakistan was confirmed recently at the same time when the latest list of terror organizations and terrorists released by the UN Security Council which was consists of the Dawood Ibrahim and his Karachi address.

Some of his properties together with a hotel and a guest-house in south Mumbai were auctioned in the last year of 2017.