Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Accident: Texas AG Says Aoman Arrested for Dumpster Fire

We come with recent viral news of Ken Paxton. As per reports, his accident happened in his office. This news is going viral on the internet and getting much attention. He is a Texas Attorney General. A woman is arrested for his accident. People have many quarries regarding this news. People want to know how this accident happened. Is Ken Paxton got any injuries? Is he fine? What was the cause of this accident? Who is that woman who was arrested for this accident? If you want to know the complete information regarding this news, continue with this page until the end. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Ken Paxton Accident

According to the sources,  a well-known American politician’s accident happened at his office. His full name is Warren Kenneth Paxton Jr. He was born on December 23, 1962. As per reports, he is a well-known American politician and lawyer. He is was a member of the Attorney General of Texas since January 2015. He has four children. His wife’s name is Angela Paxton. One time, he is also a member of the Texas Senate before his General. He is also a member of several legal and political controversies. Further, he is a member of the Texas Senate from the 8th district from 2013 to 2015.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Accident

Further, recently his news is on every social media and news channel headlines. He is also a member of the Texas House of Representatives from the 70th District from 2003 to 2013. Currently, he faced one more accident at his office. After, the investigation by the police it was found that the fire was accidentally started. The CCTV footage is also shared by the Texas Department of Public Safety. In the footage, In the viral CCTV footage, you could see how the fire flames are spreading. The CCTV footage is shared by Paxton.

Further, the media revealed that the fire was not deliberately set. The fire was started accidentally. But the Paxton disagreed with the coverage. As per reports, the incident took on May 24, 2023. The fire was caught in a small dumpster. This incident happened outside Texas AG’s office. Further, he claimed that a woman is responsible for this fire. A woman was arrested in connection to a fire. Ken Paxton said the woman set fire to a dumpster. The woman who was arrested is 42 years old. She is accused of this incident. She has been charged with criminal mischief. If we get any other information regarding this news we will update you on the same site.

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