The decision of SC is masterstroke for the Congress in Arunachal Pradesh

The decision of Congress to change its chief minister in Arunachal Pradesh on July 16 was a masterstroke that caught its main opponent, the BJP, unaware. But the Congress did not feel that the decision of change the chief minister in the state is to welcome back all the rebels.


This decision restored the status quo ante in the state as on December 15, 2015, not only de jure, as directed by the Supreme Court on July 13, but also de facto.

The Decision of Supreme Court on the government of Arunachal Pradesh is the masterstroke for the congress party. This is second chance for the congress to make the government in the state. Previously in Uttrakhand, Congress won against the BJP in the court’s hearing.

On 14th December 2015 under the 10th schedule, the speaker, Nabam Rebia disqualified the 14 of the 30 rebel MLAs for voluntarily leaving the party by publicly identifying themselves with the opposition. The rebels also asked the governor of the Arunachal Pradesh to direct the then CM of Arunachal Pradesh Nabam Tuki to seek a trust vote in the assembly.

The high court of Gauhati high court set the rebels aside on 30th March on the ground that the speaker had exercised his powers under the 10th schedule. After this, the Supreme Court of India took note of the Guwahati high court’s decision in its judgement on 13th July.

Finally, The Supreme Court gave its decision in the favour of Congress party after the seven months of conflicts in the state Arunachal Pradesh.