Third Day Pampore Gunbattle: Army Enters In Building 2 Terrorists Killed

Third Day Pampore Gunbattle: Army Enters In Building 2 Terrorists Killed :- After the 48 hours of Pampore Operation, Army special parachute regiment commando enters into the building on Wednesday. Army suspected that some terrorist may be hidden in the building.


In this operation, two terrorists had killed and one may be hidden in the building. One terrorist had died on Tuesday, evening. He jumped out of the building and died. One militant died on Wednesday morning.

The Pampore Operation had declared by Army successfully finished. As per sourced of police said that militants may take help of their died militants help and may hide in the back. But the long search of Army soldier is clear that no one militants has live.

On Wednesday morning, Army has started Pampore Operation again to take help of Army special Parachute commando. They have used UAVs for searching.

The Soldiers has used the Mortar and gun fired on Tuesday and Wednesday in the building so that’s a huge loss take by us. It can see fire into the building.

On Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon no one fired by militants so it understands that all terrorist has died. Then one militant has jumped from the building and died on Wednesday.

In the searching time, Investigation team has captured a suspected boat near Jhailam river, It is saying that militants would come to take help of it. The investigation team has arrested the boat owner and doing investigate him.

One soldier injured from the fire which is burnt by a militant. The security forces have used IEDs, bombs, Mortar, machine guns in this operation.

Before ending the announcement of Pampore Operation on Monday, Army has searched and clear that no one militants  has saved.