Tips You Should Know Before You Go To India

India is a huge and fascinating country. It is one of the most magical, vibrant, and interesting travel destinations around the world. It offers many remarkable sights but it gets a little difficult to adjust in this bewildering place. Here are some of the important tips that will help you to have a smooth trip to India.

1. Fulfill your Visa Requirements:

There are some requirements that you need to accomplish if you are planning to travel to India. You must have a valid passport, Indian visa, and a return ticket. Along with that, your passport must have at least two empty pages and the validity of 6 months after your trip to India. Don’t forget these rules and check your passport before. Moreover, if you want to have a luxurious journey with less effort then you can travel privately to India.

2. Transportation Tips:

Be attentive if you are using public transport. Take good care of your belongings. Don’t sleep on the way, you might get robbed. In case you are using a local taxi, don’t get fooled by the driver easily. Finalize the prices beforehand. Moreover, you can also book pre-paid taxis like Uber for short trips. They charge less and are safe comparatively.

3. Get a New SIM card:

After landing, getting a SIM card should be your top priority. Your trip can become much easier and smooth if you have a local SIM card or TravelSim card. This will help you in using Google Maps, book rides, and other things.

4. Prepare Yourself for Cultural Diversity:

While traveling to India, it is assured that you will experience a cultural shock. The things can be extensively different than the place from where you have arrived. It is better to make yourself ready for a huge change. Try to adjust yourself to the existing environment. Prepare your mind for new things and enjoy them.

5. Learn How to Bargain:

Haggling is a part of Indian Culture. You must learn how to bargain like an Indian. You should go to fixed prices shops if you don’t know how to bargain. In street markets, vendors will tell you the prices way higher than the original prices. Through bargaining, you can save yourself from getting looted. The important thing to realize is that bargaining is a way to negotiate. Don’t get indulged in a fight and negotiate peacefully.

6. Learn Temple Etiquettes:

Indian society is very strict regarding their religious norms. You must learn some protocols before entering any religious place like Temple, Mosque, Gurudwara, etc. Always take your shoes off before entering. Make yourself familiar with the offerings that you have to present in temples. Typically, you are often expected to give some money as a donation. Keep change with you. However, there are some religious scams too. Be cautious about them.

7. Understand the Indian Head Waggle:

During your trip, you will notice a strange local head-waggle gesture. It is quite different from shaking your head for a Yes or nodding for a No. It has various meanings but don’t get confused. Generally, it is used as a gesture of agreement and assertion.

8. Be careful with what you Eat and Drink:

Indian cuisine offers a variety of tasty dishes. However, the food is often spicy. Choose the places to eat wisely. Don’t eat street food because it is unhygienic and you can get sick. Always consume fresh food. Carry your bottled water. Don’t drink water from public coolers. Using hands to eat is a basic Indian culture. You can learn and eat food with your hands.

9. Don’t Visit too Many Places:

Don’t try to cover too much territory during your visit. If you will cover a lot of places in a hurry, you would not be able to enjoy those places truly. Moreover, visiting the places in a rush can be exhausting. Choose places as per your interests and explore them.

10. Hire a Tour Guide:

India has a rich cultural heritage and history. Hiring a good tour guide can make your trip more informative and amazing.

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