Today Anupam Kher Leads March Against Intolerance #MarchForIndia

Today Anupam Kher Leads March Against Intolerance #MarchForIndia : BJP Supporter and Bollywood Actor Anupam Kher has flagged off his ‘[inlinetweet prefix=”March for India” tweeter=”March for India” suffix=”March for India”]March for India[/inlinetweet]’ here amid great fanfare while asserting that the world needed to know that India remained united and tolerant despite what was being projected. “This march is a symbolic gesture. We want to send a signal that there are millions of Indians who don’t think that India is intolerant. Every nation faces ups and down but branding the nation as intolerant because of it, is wrong,” Kher told the media here.

Today Anupam Kher Leads March Against Intolerance #MarchForIndia

Anupam Kher March Against Intolerance

Stressing that the march was being taken out as a message to the world that India was tolerant, Kher added that no one had the right to preach to another country about patriotism.

“I read in an international magazine yesterday where it was taken out in large words that we are an intolerable society and it enraged me to no end. Every Indian should be angered by this. No other nation can teach us about patriotism,” he said.

The Bollywood icon emphasised on the fact the two opposing views being openly shown in a nation, automatically indicated the high level of freedom that is prevalent.

Talking about his upcoming meeting with President Pranab Mukherjee, Kher said that they wanted to convey the message that Indian was a tolerant nation despite what some people were saying.

“We are secular and we don’t believe in selective outrage. Every country has its problem and goes through upheavals but nobody has the right to call to call our nation intolerant. I respect those who are protesting against the government but have they even approached the Prime Minister?,” he asked.

Kher’s march comes in the wake of several filmmakers, writers and historians raising their voices against the rising intolerance and threatening the government with ‘Award Wapsi’ to vent their ire. —Agencies

Source : Tribuneindia.com

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