Today Special Episode! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd July 2016 Written Updates

Today Special Episode! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd July 2016 Written Updates :- Where in the Dhaani shop there an unknown person comes and buying all the bouquets without giving any explanation and after some time she will see that all the bouquets flat on the road and there 9s the only Viplav presenting. Thein Dhaani gave the agent look and she felt that viplav doing this. then she will come to the Viplav and scold him for the bouquets because of the Viplav are throwing that these all the bouquets on the road. Dhaani is called him the Rakshas.


Ishq Ka Rang Safed Written Updates

Before it where the Dhaani notices Viplav relaxing in her house and tells him you are still here, I asked you to leave. Dulaari ordered them not to reveal their displeasure for of Vidha as she will be impressed.

Dhaani questions Dulaari to confer him to leave. Viplav claims Dulaari to determine Dhaani’s answer him and he will move. Dhaani asks Dulaari to get Vidha have food and deliver her sleep. She tells if he will not leave,then I will move.

She selects the bouquet and goes out to rest. She seems to hurt. Vidha questions to Viplav if he became to play with her. Viplav answers yes. He asks to Dulaari to request Dhaani in. Dulaari answers you both are headstrong and asks him to speak to her.

Viplav replies if you begin attending for yourself then I don’t require to worry about you. He invites her to come indoors immediately now and not to do whatever tension. Dhaani goes indoor and slams the gate on his front. Viplav says I will no proceed from here.

Vidha calls Viplav attaining at the shutter, and says you strength be hungry naa….She orders him to have chocolate and deliver. Viplav gets it and provides a kiss on her face. He blesses her. Dhaani does Vidha sleep. After that Viplav remains to stand farther in rain. Dhaani rests to make the bouquet.

After that Dhaani says psychotic Viplav got wetted in rainfall and attained there all night. She tells Viplav gets frozen quickly, I knew him numerous times, but he doesn’t hear. Parshiya holds the bike and tells store is here. Dhaani begins the shop and says they have to sweep the shop soon. Although Dhaani is speaking to floriculturist. Viplav gets there. Dhaani asks him to proceed. Viplav says I will move behind accepting answers.