Toronto Condo Building Shooting Killed At least 5 and 1 Injured, Gunman Dead

Toronto Condo Building Shooting Killed At least 5 and 1 Injured, Gunman Dead:- A dreaded incident took place at a Condo in Vaughan located in Ontario. The incident was extremely violent and horrific in that it claimed the life of a total of 5 people. The news of the spine-chilling incident spread all over the Internet like wildfire all over the Internet and become a global topic of increasingly violent and illegal use of firearms. The case even attained the attention of the Ontario law department which organized a special investigation team to speculate all the aspects of the case. Get more information on 5 dead in Toronto area condo shooting.

Toronto Condo Building Shooting Killed At least 5 and 1 Injured

According to the latest updates received after the initial investigation by the police department that an abhorrent accident took place during the late hours of Sunday wherein a total of 5 people had killed. The latest statement of Chief James MacSween of York regional police acknowledged that one of his officers also sacrificed his life due to the awful accident. He further said that the accident claimed a total of six lives including the subject and the rest of the 5 were victims of the incident.

He added that apart from these six people one more person got shot but he was shifted to the hospital by the emergency service and was receiving treatment for his wounds. After interrogating the hospital staff it came to know that the victim is more likely to survive. MacSween said that the victim survived the accident also in dilemma related to the culprit whether he was an anonymous or a resident of the building. Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit trying to untangle the complete and trying to explore the prominent reason why the shooting had been started. So far investigation team hasn’t revealed the identity of the deceased.

After receiving information about the shooting incident a special unit of police rushed toward the mentioned address and started evacuating the building. The accident took place prior 2 hours before police arrival. Well, this isn’t the first time when such kind of accident took place in Canada and Toronto, some mindless people started recklessly shooting at random places including residence areas, schools, restaurants, and even hospitals and killing innocent people.

The government of the country are assuring they will take stern action against such kind of crimes and will impose new rules for the use and purchasing of firearms. We will get back to you with more information on the case till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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