Transformers Earthspark Controversy Explained: First Non-Binary Character Sparks Backlash

There is a video clip coming forward that is creating a buzz on the internet and this viral clip sparks backlash. Many people and netizens are hitting the search engine to know more about this Transformers Earthspark’s Nightmare controversy. Many people are curious to know more about the Nightmare controversy and this controversy is continuing throughout the series. Let’s continue the article to know the complete details about this controversy.

Transformers Earthspark Controversy Explained

Transformers Earthspark Controversy Explained

This is a short clip from the Transformers: EarthSpark series which is an American computer-animated television series. This series was released on 11 November 2022 on Paramount+. This series is based on the Transformers toyline by the Takara Tomy and Hasbro and Dale Malinowski is the Developer of this series. This series is full of science fiction, action, and comedy. This series generated a large number of fans around the world in a short time period. Let’s discuss the viral controversy, a video clip was shared on 11 May 2023 on Twitter and this video shows the Nightshade telling Sam about pronouns. It is said that this video is uploaded to express anti-LGBQ+ rhetoric and this viral video was captioned that”They are after your kids.”

Transformers Earthspark Controversy

This series also criticized so much in a disapproving way. As per the sources, a Twitter user said that the inclusive pronouns were used unnecessarily and there was no need for the same. Although he confirms that there is no problem with this series he felt it was disjoint and weird. Many people and social media users begin sharing and commenting that it is a show-off and criticizing them. Some users are saying that the different gender of the robots in this series is inappropriate for children weather many users are saying that it is scary and disturbing for the children. Megan Kelly is a journalist who has called a non-binary character to be disgusting and given a negative remark about the trans influencer of Nike and his partner Dylan Mulvaney.

Similarly, many people also raise various questions related to their gender of them and they said that a robot should be gender-neutral and not have any gender. This video shows that Nightshade was being introduced to Sam and she replied that sometimes the world is looking very scary and difficult to know whom to believe or not. We shared the complete controversy about this viral video above in this article. This video is spreading like wildfire on the internet and social media platforms. Lots of users are sharing their reactions to this viral video.

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