Tribal Woman in Maredumilli mandal cuts her womb with blade to deliver her baby

Tribal Woman in Maredumilli mandal cuts her womb with blade to deliver her baby :- The time when the whole India is developing rapidly and moving towards the digital India, a case has come up where a pregnant woman cuts her womb in order to give delivery to her baby. The reports reveal that the women were tribal women and lives in the Maredumilli Mandal, the agency area in East Godavari district.

The reports reveal that the woman is aged 30 and her name is K. Lakshmi and when the delivery pain started her husband Seethanna Dora started walking to the government hospital at Rampachodavaram from her village Kintukuru in Maredumilli Mandal. However, on the way to the hospital, the pain raised and forced the woman to cut down her womb to deliver her baby.

The baby survived and later, her husband called the ambulance and went to the hospital, and the women were treated with all the required medical assistance.

Dr. Gowtham Jogi, the medical officer of the hospital, informed media wing that ” the tribal people have to come to the hospital 10 days before the delivery time so that they can get the all the required medical attention until the time of delivery of the baby.

On the other side, District medical and health officer Dr K. Chandraiah said that ” it is a normal practice delivery for the tribal women as they were taught for this for an emergency situation.”

Meanwhile, this delivery has revealed the black truth about our society, and it made us learn that there is serious need to establish the solid medical foundation in the rural parts of the country.