Udyog Bhawan Station: Man Jumps Before Metro, Watch Video

The recent Delhi news left everyone shocked. As per the details, a man died at Udyog Bhawan station after jumping on the tracks. The shocking incident happened on Wednesday morning. The police said a man attempted suicide after jumping in front of a moving metro train. The incident created a huge buzz and left the people in fear. The Udyog Bhawan station news has gone viral on the internet and getting much attention. Now, the question is raised what was the motive behind these steps? Was he dealing with depression or anything else? Stay tuned to learn more information.


As per the Delhi Metro officials, a man jumps in front of the moving metro. The tragic incident happened on Wednesday nearly at 11:30 AM at the Udyog Bhawna Station. The metro was traveling to Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station from Udyog Bhawan Metro Station. The police also revealed the identification of the victim. The victim is identified as a 39-year-old man whose name was Anand Kumar. As per the detail, Anand Kumar jumps to death in from of a moving metro train on Wednesday morning. After the investigation, it was found that Anand Kumar committed suicide. Learn more in the next section.

Man Jumps Before Metro

The 39-year-old Anand Kumar jumped in front of a moving metro train that was traveling towards Vishwavidyalaya. After the incident, the PCR call alerted the Rajiv Chowk Police Station authorities about the same. The police first checked the CCTV footage to find out the exact cause of the incident. The CCTV footage shows the 39-year-old man died after committing suicide. The police investigated the case and found that Anand Kumar was a resident of Northwest Delhi’s Mukundpur. He was living with his wife, Preeti. The wife of Anand Kumar told the police, that he was working as a painter. Scroll down the page to learn more.

According to Preeti’s statement, her husband Anand Kumar was diagnosed with cancer therefore he left going on his work. The late Anand Kumar died on the scene and his dead body was taken to RML Hospital. The officials confirmed that the investigation is still ongoing. On the other side, the incident caused a 20-minute delay in the metro services, said Delhi Metro officials. As of now, the exact motive behind the incident is still uncovered. The Delhi Police is actively working on this case to know the exact cause of Anand Kumar’s death. Keep following the Dekh News for more updates.

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