UEFA Europa 2016: Liverpool vs Manchester Live Streaming Highlights Result Winner

UEFA Europa 2016: Liverpool vs Manchester Live Streaming Highlights Result Winner :- The mother of all the clashes is here when Manchester United will take on Liverpool in the clash in the Premier League. José Mourinho, the manager of the Manchester United, will have a significant duty in front if him when he faces the Jürgen Klopp’ side on October 18, 2016.


It will not be gonna will be any casual battle between the two Football teams, but it will be the battle between the two big giant team of Football world. The battle is considered to be big as it is only the second match between these two and it will be the last one of this year as next encounter will be on next year.

José Mourinho has a lot of work to do both as manager and as an individual who needs to take some strict decision for the betterment of his club. Meanwhile, the biggest question of the era has become should Wayne Rooney included in team.

Well, being a Manchester United fan he should not be included especially the good results that team has achieved after his exclusion.
The fans are calling for the exclusion of Rooney, but it will be subject to see, how think tank of Manchester United will look up to the England striker.


There are loads of worries for Manchester United as they only won a single match in last four league matches. The biggest had the chance for the man in the red will that their opponent Liverpool are 32 points ahead of them and they have quite a good tournament as compared to Manchester United.


Meanwhile, few players have shown the plenty of promise, and the one name that stood is Mata. The young sensation has more to offer to his red jersey, and he is one of the only players to establish under the management of Mourinho. The star striker Ibrahimovic is will have the burden to perform up front for his team along with names like Martial and Mata.


The duo of Bailly and Smalling are in the defense, and they have to be the mantle for the defense of Manchester United. The team looks deadly in this combination, but one must not forget the unpredictable mind of Mourinho. The Manchester United fans will be desperately looking for this match, and if the players want to see the red scarfs and red flags roaming all over the stadium, then they have to come good in the ultimate clash against Liverpool.