Union Minister YS Chowdary’s Son Booked for Rash Driving in Hyderabad

Union Minister YS Chowdary’s Son Booked for Rash Driving in Hyderabad :- Union minister of state for science and technology has been booked for rash driving in Hyderabad by Hyderabad traffic police. As the police said that his son Karthik was found driving in a “rash” manner between Jubilee Hills Check Post and KBR Park gate in Hyderabad near Banjara Hills Traffic Police Station.


The police seized the porsche car. Police said that they caught him with some other motorist during the special drive for different violations. Police booked a case of rash driving  on him under section 184[B] of MV act and the porsche car was seized.

Police has not arrested him but a fine will be imposed to him. Little over a week ago, Union minister YS Chowdary was issued a non-bailable warrant by a court in Hyderabad for non-payment of loan. Reacting to the development, the minister said that his inability to appear before the court in the past was because of his commitment to public life.

We should be aware of rash-driving on road. So many accidents happened in daily life because of rash driving. Not only the driver even the other public who are on road can get badly hurt,injured or can dead because of accident due to rash- driving.

That’s why we should drive our vehicle in a limit speed so that we can manage and drive our vehicle in a mannerful way. We can safely walk on the main roads if everyone follow traffic rules.