Unnamed Member Of Indian Cricket Accused For Rape In Zimbabwe Tour?

Unnamed Member Of Indian Cricket Accused For Rape In Zimbabwe Tour? :- Controversies are considered to be the shadow of Cricket. Both these have been associated with each other for the long period of time.

India vs ZIM 2016

While the Indian fans were murmuring the loss that they were handed by the  Zimbabwe team in the first T20 match, the news is coming out that one official member of India Cricket Team is accused of raping a local girl of Zimbabwe on Friday.

Unnamed Member Of Indian Cricket Accused For Rape

The incident occurs at the Meikles Hotel in Central Harare, where the Indian Cricketing team along with the staff members are staying to complete their remaining t20 fixtures.

The Harare assistant Police Commissioner Charity Charamba had confirmed the involvement of an Indian Official in this incident. This could be a shameful aspect of the Indian Cricket team.

According to the sources, the whole incident took place when the victim girl was hanging out in the lobby and suddenly someone drugged her and allegedly accused her.

Later when she woke up, then she points her finger toward the Indian Official. The Commissioner of Harare Charity Charamba has mentioned in his interview that ” the accused girl has pointed her finger toward an Indian Official but we cannot disclose his name and cannot disclose whether he is an Indian Cricketer or not, but I can guarantee you that he will be present in the court on Saturday after all the required investigations”.

Although girl had mentioned that she has no clue regarding all these incidents and she does not know how she reached in the room.

It is also not confirmed whether the accussed person is from the Playing squad or from the 16 member squad. If the accused person will be an cricketer then this could prove to be the one of the shameful incident in the history of Cricket.

This incident could prove a major turning point in this series and well we can only wait for the saturday when the acussed person will be presented in the court of Harare.

Till then keep connecting with us as we will keep you updating regarding all these incident.