(UP) Uttar Pradesh: State Bank of Tomato that offers locker facility for tomatoes

Particularly to challenge and express outrage against the BJP drove government over the rising tomato costs in the nation, the Congress party on Wednesday opened “tomato bank” in Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow. Curiously, not exclusively would customers be able to profit administrations, for example, locker office for putting away and shielding their tomatoes from plausible robbery, they can likewise store tomatoes under the settled store conspire. The Bank pulls in long lines each day with individuals holding up to store their tomatoes in the bank.

“I’m 103-year-old, never thought need to see this”, the ANI report cited a client of “State Bank of Tomatoes” as saying.”I have kept 0.5 Kg tomatoes, will get 1 kg following a half year”. The bank permits its clients appreciate all the fundamental banking offices, the main contrast being, everything is identified with tomatoes. Clients of the bank can get settled store on tomatoes, lockers and office of advances on the same.

UP Congress representative Dujendra Tripathi said that bank was getting a gigantic reaction which really mirrored the situation in UP. Called the “State Bank of Tomato“, the activity is made to humiliate the BJP government over the spiraling of tomato costs and furthermore enlist its dissent on the issue. The dealers have conveyed security watchmen to defend tomatoes.

Uttar Pradesh: ‘Bank’ offers locker facility for tomatoes

A long line of clients outside the bank was seen and individuals said that they had come here to store their tomatoes since they expected that the tomatoes would get stolen from their homes. “I have saved 500 grams of tomatoes and have been guaranteed that I will get one kilogram back following a half year,” said an elderly subject who came to store the vegetable in the ‘bank’.

Allegedly, The police have enrolled a case in the respect and are researching the issue.

The legislature has declared that it is keeping a nearby watch on value developments. The condition is bad to the point that costs of tomato have come to up to Rs 100 for every kilogram lately in many parts of the nation. Be that as it may, enhanced generation should cut down tomato costs from mid-August and September.

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